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Auran Studio offers mixing, mastering and recording so that your music can be as good as possible



Auran Studio is  acoustically treated and is well suited for recording vocals, wind instruments, acoustic guitar etc.

Auran-Studio specializes in mixing so that your songs sound great on all devices they are played on


With first-class speakers and outboard gear, the music gets extra mojo and finesse before it's released for the whole world to hear



A selection of songs either mixed, mastered or recorded in Auran Studio

Solid Stage Logic Fusion
Mixing Engineer - Ole Dahl
Bilde av studio med driver, Ole Dahl


Auran-Studio is located in Stange, run by Ole Dahl and mainly offers mixing so that you can realize your dreams for how your music should sound. Auran Studio is a small and cozy studio where the atmosphere and vibe are the main focus. 

The studio was originally built for mixing, but also works great for recording vocals, acoustic guitar, brass etc. 

When you contact Auran Studio, it will be your song and your visions that will be in focus. Plenty of time is spent on discovering what you want with your music and a plan adapted to your project is drawn up. All songs are unique and are therefore treated in a very special way. 

Feel free to get in touch to find out if your dreams and visions for your music can be realized. 

Volume knob


If you're now thinking "Holy shit, I want to have a chat with Ole", then send a message in the contact field below here!

Thank you for contacting!

But, if against all odds you think "crap, this wasn't my cup of tea", I also know others in the industry who can help you with other genres:


Tom at Green Engine Recording only works with heavy music and can help you with recording, mixing and mastering. 

Frank at Studionas mixes, masters and produces music in the jazz, funk and classical worlds.

Noam at Noam Studio works with production, recording and mixing of indie music, and offers courses in Cubase. 

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